About Us


Our Approach

We strive for excellence on all levels, be it graphic design work, writing a news special ops piece, or painting a portrait. Our design aesthetic leans towards clean, sleek and sophisticated. We are dedicated to craftsmanship and exploring all creative options. In everything we do, the patron's emotional response is what brings us joy.

Night Owl Creation's Story

Night Owl Creation was born from the inspiring talents and lasting impression of one woman, Dell Marshall LaVelle. Dell simply oozed creativity, spunk, and a dedication to making things with her hands. Fueled by tanks of dark, black coffee, Dell would work into the night crafting uniquely "Dell" gifts and pieces of art. Her mind never turned off, and she loved to engage others in craft and conversation. What a wonderful woman who is missed by all.

Mama, this one's for you...

Meet the Team

We are a group of crazy creatives who grew up together. This site is our fledgling attempt at a fun and inspiring idea of being able to work together, hence the site itself is a work in progress. So are we!

Tatiana Gebert

Founder & General Head Honcho

Drawing implements were shoved into her hand at a very early age. It was New York in the early Sixties after all. She was being groomed by Madmen-style parents to be a true artist. It worked. She cannot live without trying to make something, draw something, learn about something...creativity never sleeps!

Tara Marsh

Spinner of Yarns & Overall Quality Control

Tara was always quick with words. Just take a look at her diary from junior high. The girl had skills at an early age. She has since honed them to a veritable and witty degree of expertise. I bank on that talent.

Ina Gebert

Chief Counter of Everything

Ina, a.k.a. Sally, has long had a love of numbers and counting. She would line her Barbies up in a row and count them and all of their accessories, and color organize them, too. Remember hopscotch? She was a champ. That was a lot of counting, and she got good at it! I trust her with being in charge of counting for Night Owl!!!

Jenna Byers

Master of all that is computer related

This girl was computer savvy before the internet was even a thing. She was renowned for her abilities to just make things work. She knows stuff! Ask the Homewood Junior High state bound computer team...

Sarah Christopher

Band Manager

There ain't much this well-rounded chica can't do...and we count on her for those skills. Level headed and intuitive; she is our go-to gal for just about every thing, from brainstorming to editing and beyond!

Gerhard Gebert

Jack of all Trades & Maintenance Guru

This guy has it going on. We count on him for everything that runs behind the scenes. MacGyver has nothing on him! Just sayin'

Ask Us Questions ...

We would love to hear from you. If you have an need for a portrait, logo, or some fabulous idea realized in artistic ways, that is what we thrive on.