Portrait Art

Custom portrait art based off of submitted photography. Loved ones, either human or pet, can be rendered in oil, acrylic, watercolor, or pencil.

Book Illustration

Book illustrations in either watercolor or pen & ink. I have published work in standard and children's literature.

Graphic Design

Custom logo creation or graphic design work with quick turn around time and reasonable pricing. Aesthetic is sleek, sophisticated, and we work with you to make you feel good about your business.


From fanciful compositing work to portraits, we have rich examples of photography. Little did we know that photography was part of the family business as early as 1880!

Digital Photo Restoration

I have a deep love for family history and photos. I am the family genealogist. One of the things I love doing is restoring old family photos. I can work from your digital files and save those old and cherished images for generations to come.

Lanscape Painting

With a deep love for geography, and having lived in many beautiful and scenic areas, landscape painting is one of my favorite avenues of expression. Custom landscapes can be created for your home or office.

Next Steps...

For more information contact Tatiana Gebert at 503.699.9761 or email *protected email*.